Hongda Company Shaoneng group transmission factory in 2015 work hard to bring about an uprising

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Profit profit growth doubled

2015 domestic economy into the new normal, the slowdown in the real economy in many industries encountered unprecedented difficulties. Hongda Company Shaoneng group transmission factory under the right leadership of the company, overcome various difficulties, guided by the market, and actively organize production, to achieve a turnaround, production work has made gratifying achievements.

Please see the transmission plant in 2015 1 - a group of figures in September:

Branch number more than and 170 people, among them. (refer to an apprenticeship staff of more than and 10 people), with basically the same as last year;

At the beginning of the profit is the loss of the branch, branch is facing the serious situation of supply price their products are down, seize the good momentum of BYD market increased month by month, from the internal potential to strengthen the production, procurement and other aspects of management, cost control, profitability began in April. June profit levels significantly increased.

Branch in April before the output value of 5 million 290 thousand and 500 yuan, from May onwards gradually increased in September reached $7 million 378 thousand and 600;

Factory in October, the transmission plant BYD library output value is to ensure that 5 million 800 thousand yuan, and strive to $6 million. Military transmission to ensure 400 units, more than 8 million yuan output value of the target branch.

How does the company's transmission plant do?

With the increase of city haze, new energy electric vehicle is the future direction of the development of automobile industry, from the beginning of the Byd Co of Shenzhen electric car accessories increased month by month, the transmission factory to seize this opportunity to actively organize and coordinate production, through the following methods, the customer needs the products produced by the fastest delivery user.

First, from the beginning of the year, due to the saturation of the production task, there is a serious shortage of equipment and manpower temporary situation. Plant arrangement of slotting machine, machining center, CNC grinding machine, grinding machine, several types of three shifts, to solve the problem of production bottleneck process.

Second, through overtime, improve production capacity. September 3, 2015 is the first anniversary of the Chinese people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war victory 70 anniversary of the traditional Mid Autumn Festival in September 27th. These two festivals are holidays. October 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 days is a rest. Due to serious shortage of production capacity, delivery requirements. Factory leaders and we give up the rest, work overtime together.

Third, the company's full cooperation of the brothers department. They keep the factory equipment, lack of manpower, and the production task tight, share the pressure, adjust the production plan, arrange manpower, full assistance.

Fourth, branch of individual section and team personnel were adjusted to fully mobilize the masses, let each person do his best, play the enthusiasm of the staff.

Fifth, re measure on the part of the current time, will produce time calculation to batch normal production hours, the man hour calculation is more close to the actual production needs.

Six, the concept of education workers, from the whole plant to consider the arrangements for staff. In the past, some teams and tasks are insufficient, but individual employees stressed that they can only do this product in the team, to adjust his team to help other teams do not want to go, this concept affects the overall work of the whole plant. After the leadership to do painstaking ideological work, workers are not so think, willing to listen to the arrangement of the factory. They said: only the factory cake bigger, individual share will be more.

Seventh, actively cooperate with the staff, according to the actual situation of the timely adjustment of the branch shifts, several team the past is not the arrangement of class three, class three for home after work, the bus is not convenient, has brought some difficulties. The employees themselves overcome difficulties to solve the traffic.

Eight, to strengthen the implementation of the plan, the monthly sales of customer orders into various departments and teams, held a weekly production coordination meeting, weekly check the completion of the situation, to ensure the completion of the plan.

Its nine, the leadership of the company's attention, Chen Dong personally held a production coordination meeting, to solve the problem of insufficient capacity and staffing. Zhu often to the factory to solve the problems encountered in production. 1 - September, the company for the transmission plant to purchase new equipment 12 units, the transfer of other plants and departmental equipment of 3 units to solve the problem of equipment. Nearly 20 new recruits, to solve the problem of lack of staff.

Transmission plant this year through multi pronged measures to meet customer demand, with good product quality, in the customer won a good reputation. In this strict management process, the operating results of the branch has also made gratifying achievements, to achieve profitability.

There is one transmission factory proud of is: September 3rd, in honor of China people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary parade ceremony, equipped with unmanned aircraft team, logistics team car truck Shaoneng Group Co. Ltd. Shaoguan Hongda gear transmission components, in Tiananmen square the parade. This kind of transmission is produced by the branch. Factory staff to see the TV broadcast of the screen, the mood is very excited and proud. They maintain a sense of pride for a long time, and turn it into the daily production of more high-quality military products, and give priority to military products, the green light".

Never stop on the way. Transmission plant staff, refueling!

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